Que Viva Mexico Project

Clips:  Canoe [play]  Rape of Maria [play]  Wedding Dance [play]

This project was commissioned by The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia in the summer of 2006. It is a brand new film score for Sergei Eisenstein's legendary silent film Que Viva Mexico! The score received it's world premiere on October 13th , 2006 in the Rich Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center for the opening of the High Museum's 21st Annual Latin American Film Festival and was performed live to the film. The instrumentation is for flute, violin, guitar, marimba, congas and triangle with English subtitles and Spanish narration. Gorgeously composed, this new score is full of haunting melodies and rich textures which brings new dimension and life to this remarkable and beautiful film. Click on the links below to see/hear some excerpts from the score. If you are interested in booking this project at a film festival or other event please visit the contact page to send me an email and we'll discuss the details.

From the High Museum's Website: "This legendary unfinished work by the giant of Soviet cinema, Sergei Eisenstein, is a visually ravishing and poetic history of Mexico that focuses on the country's mythology, folkloric customs, and the social unrest that led up to the Revolution of 1910. It was shot in Mexico in 1931 with financial assistance from the muckraking American writer Upton Sinclair. A series of personal, financial, and political disasters forced Eisenstein to abandon the project, and the unedited footage remained in the U.S. When the original materials were returned to the Soviet Union during the 1970s, Eisenstein's former assistant, Gregori Alexandrov, using Eisenstein's storyboards and outlines, edited a version meant to approximate the director's original vision, which premiered in 1979".

Quotes regarding the score:

"Finally, QUE VIVA MEXICO's exquisite black and white imagery has a fitting accompaniment in composer Brian Mitchell's subtle, understated score. Its inventive orchestration and many moods, ranging from the lyrical to the melancholic to the joyous, bring a dynamic, contemporary sensibility to this unfinished masterpiece."
-Linda Dubler, Curator of Media Arts, High Museum, Atlanta, Georgia

"Brian Mitchell's original score for Que Viva Mexico adds a whole new wonderful dimension to the film. His music captures the nuance as well as the epic nature of the production, and this synthesis creates a beautiful cinematic experience. Bravo!"
-Bill VanDerKloot, VanDerKloot Film and Television, Inc.

"The "Que Viva Mexico" project was an extremely exciting endeavor with which to be involved. Brian Mitchell's score is the perfect compliment to this ground breaking movie. With only four instruments Mr. Mitchell captured the beauty of the movie and painted a lush, rich tapestry of sound."
-Dr. Robert Ambrose, conductor, Assistant Professor of Music at Georgia State University